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Sanae with Dore's pups

Welcome to Eric & Sanae’s Pet Care!


Our Pet Care Story

  In the beginning, we used to only rescue homeless dogs & cats from animal shelters. We already had two dogs and three cats, but one day Sanae saw a sad looking puppy at L.A. County adoption fair in a shopping mall. She could not forget about this puppy with the sad eyes, and she ended up going back to adopt her the next day.

  Sanae felt that the puppy was not healthy, so she asked the shelter to wait to spay her, but they did not wait and spayed her right away. This puppy was only seven weeks old . Within three days of arriving at our house, the puppy was terribly sick. We took the puppy to the vet, but the doctor there didn’t see the problem, and assured us that the puppy would be fine. It died the next day.

  Sanae was so shocked and angry she called the shelter to let them know about the puppy’s death, but they just said “It’s been less than a month so you can come back to exchange the puppy.” Can you believe it? This was a puppy, not just some piece of furniture that you could exchange for a better model.

  The puppy had suffered so much and Sanae had felt so helpless through the ordeal that it inspired her to learn about keeping pets healthy in a natural way. She found places to take natural health nutrition, Bach flower essence and massage classes for pets. She changed the diets and environments of our pets immediately. The best example was our 12 year old dog Sakura. She had been suffering from very bad arthritis, but got much better very quickly after just changing her diet, using flower essences and massage. Sakura started go hiking with Sanae again and lived happily for four more years.

  Sanae adopted her first pure breed dog after the puppy from shelter died; a golden retriever named Kin. She has only given Kin natural and organic food and it has been amazing to see how it has helped not only Kin’s physical health, but also her mental health. She decided to breed Kin’s puppies in a natural way and raise healthy natural puppies for autistic children and people with disabilities.

  Over ten years later, Kin has had twenty healthy beautiful puppies including her daughters, Dore, Kula and Oro who live with us. Dore also had nine of her own puppies in 2007and we donated one of them to become a service dog through The puppy’s name is Kona, and has his own profile on the webiste. Please check his website under our pups.

  We are very happy to share with you how we have improved the lives of our pets through natural and organic nutrition.



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