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Alan Kenny :

I wanted to expand my understanding of my new, year-long macrobiotic lifestyle and also to improve my cooking understanding for this lifestyle. There are so many good people in the field of macrobiotic cooking training, and I am so thankful that I was able to study under the amazing teaching of Sanae Suzuki.

I was familiar with her from understanding the general macrobiotic community in Los Angeles through social networking sites. After meeting with Sanae, she became my macrobiotic counselor and I studied macrobiotic cooking with her privately, as well as participating in group lessons. In a period of a short time I have benefitted in amazing ways from Sanae’s deep, rich, subtle understandings of food, nutrition, cooking and the power of food to energize the human body and to heal. Studying with Sanae has been like a singer studying under Pavarotti, or a painter under Picasso, etc.

Sanae has helped me to understand so many subtle aspects of cooking such as how to cut foods to ensure the greatest energy, how to cook recipe ingredients in such a way as to obtain the best energy. To study under Sanae is not just to learn to cook food, but to understand food’s singular purpose to feed these bodies and how to ensure that we approach it from a conscientious, powerful way so that we can be very powerful in expressing our own lives. To study with Sanae is not just a cooking class, it is participating in knowledge, power, consciousness, caring and compassion and growing in self understanding. Sounds wild, but you got to try it. I went from being a color-by-numbers cook, to becoming a Picasso of the palate.

Thank you Sanae for your deep soul that feeds goodness into this life.

Alan Kenny
Glendale, California



Becky Carr :

I was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease and put on steroids because I was in so much pain. I could not get in and out of a bathtub and even sitting in a chair was very difficult for me to get down and back up again. The steroids stopped most of the pain and I was able to do everything again, but after several months I started having some pretty aggressive side effects and knew I had to try to get off them. I started weaning off and it was very difficult physically and emotionally.

A friend mentioned Macrobiotics. I called the Kushi institute and was told that the Macrobiotic diet could in fact help me get off the steroids so I went to the week long course “Way to Health” and learned how to start eating Macrobiotically. I did this for about 5 months and slowly started weaning off the steroids. I didn?t know anyone that was eating this way in my area and felt very isolated and alone. I was going through some big changes in my body and needed support. A friend from Kushi told me that she had mentioned me to Sanae Suzuki, a macrobiotic counselor, and that she thought Sanae might know of others in my area.
I had purchased Sanae?s book “ Love, Sanae” at the Kushi store while at the Institute and loved it. The recipes were simple and ones that I could eat while I was healing. I sent Sanae an email asking her if she could tell me of anyone in my area practicing macrobiotics. Sanae called me on the telephone. I was so thrilled that she had taken the time to call me. We had a wonderful conversation and I asked her if she would work with me. She agreed. It was like having a best friend. Sanae has been so generous with her knowledge of Macrobiotics and with her time.
Her recommendations helped me get through the final stage of stopping the steroids. I needed someone that was gentle and nurturing and patient with me and Sanae was. Also, I am so amazed at how intuitive she is. She seemed to know from talking to me what I needed to do not just nutritionally, but also on a more mental or emotional level.

I am now completely drug free (off the steroids) and eating and living Macrobiotically. I have more energy and feel better than I have in years. I look forward to working with Sanae in the future and continuing this incredible healing happy lifestyle.

Becky Carr
Anchorage, Alaska



Frak Boyer :

My name is Frank. I began a practicing macrobiotics in early August 2010. I had been struggling with metastasized Kidney Cancer since summer of 2009. After 5 years of being clear since my left nephrectomy in 2004 a new tumor had appeared in my abdomen in 2009. By summer 2010 the metastasis had spread to my left lung and some of my bones. I am being treated with a newly approved drug that promises to produce stable disease in 60% of the patients. There is no expectation for the drug to produce a cure, and eventually the my body will become resistant to the drug.

Having found out about an individual in Orange County struggling with Pancreatic Cancer who was having good results with some new foods he was eating I set out to investigate. He was a friend of some friends of mine, and I was put in contact with the people who were teaching him how to prepare these new foods. After talking directly with him I found that he was on a macrobiotic diet, and after 30 days on the diet he was getting his energy back, and for the first time in two months he was able to resume his normal activities.

Having little faith in the drug I was taking and having read a good deal about macrobiotics, I set out to find a counselor that could get me started. After going through some leads that didn't work out I found Sanae Suzuki. She has been very thorough in advising me.

After 6 weeks on the medicine, and four weeks of practicing the macrobiotic lifestyle I went through another set of CT, and bone scans. The scans revealed that all but one of the lesions had reduced in size. This was beyond my wildest expectations, and I feel macrobiotics is more responsible for my progress than the medicine.
I know that I still have a long way to go, but I am encouraged by this initial success.

Frak Boyer
La Crescenta, California



Allison Sampson:

  With the exception of one Golden Retreiver mixed breed rescue, I have had Golden Retriever dogs for nearly 30 years. When I met Sanae Suzuki and her dogs, in her environment, I knew my view of life had changed. Sanae is not your normal breeder -- she is an extraordinary person attuned with people, her environment and dogs.

  As with infants, the first year of life is critical. Sanae’s puppies receive the finest in care and prospective owners are INVITED to be there to enjoy their new puppy as much as they want. What breeder offers this inside view? There are no cages and the puppies and mothers are very quiet, happy, and living a natural life together inside of a loving home and a sun filled garden. As a result of this loving and natural environment and breeding sparingly, Sanae’s dogs are also loving, calm, healthy, manageable sizes and beautiful. None of them are obsessive in any way as we know our beloved Goldens can be with high energy, barking or with the ball. They are simply lovely dogs and companions.

  I am now converted to the natural way of living for my dog. I enjoy giving her organic raw meat, carrots, kale, fresh kibble, brown rice, and vitamins every day. She is so healthy, doesn’t shed much, and so strikingly beautiful that people stop us in parks and on the street. I wonder what I was thinking raising all of my dogs with canned and dried food? would I eat that way? NO!

  Sanae is a teacher to many. I am glad I found her and continue to learn. I remember when I left Sanae’s home after meeting her and her dogs, and deciding to heal my broken heart by committing to another puppy…Sanae gave me a hug and said “You’re not only getting a new dog in your life, but a whole new family.” And I really do feel that way!

Allison Sampson
Executive and Consultant for Nonprofits
Santa Monica, California



Michelle Kawata:

  My experience from taking cooking lecture/lessons on Macrobiotic from Eric and Sanae has been great. My husband is slightly diabetic and I was getting really tired everyday just being the middle age. Sanae told me that Macrobiotic could help us to eat right and feel good about ourselves afterwards. Boy, she was so right! Every time I went to her class & ate what we learned for that day, I tried to cook the same way for my family when I got home. I started to feel better as the days have gone by.

  We are definitely more conscious of what we eat now. My teenage daughter was so impressed with Sanae that she wrote about her life as her “amazing person” in her English class at school and her article was picked as one of the best articles. I am sure that her teacher was impressed with the content of the article. It is also known that some celebrity like Madonna endorses their way of eating/living. No wonder.

  We also got our beloved Golden Retriever “Shaka” from Sanae & Eric. He is so good. He is very calm in his nature and eats organic food just like us! The whole experience has been about how to live happier life for our family!

Michelle Kawata
West Los Angeles, California



Victoria Rambow:

  - A testimonial for "Natural Organic Food for Your Pets" at My Pet Naturally -

  I LOVED your presentation! I have even been eating better myself since then. You both have this way about you that is very nice to see -- calm, work so nicely together. Thank you!

Victoria Rambow



Mark Doyle:

  I just received your first book: "Love, Eric" and am absolutely blown away. I LOVE IT!! It is so well done and easy to follow and most of all you can tell it was a complete labor of love to create. What come from the heart, enters the heart, right?
  Anyway, I'm new to all of this but would love to take some of your classes/lectures to learn more.

  Thank you again for the book and God bless.
  Warmest regards,

Mark Doyle
Long Beach, CA



Mukta and Giovanni Zocchi:

  Chumu bounced into our lives like a happy, playful gust of spring air. Intelligent and bodacious, this Santa Monica dog-gal is the only blonde of our family. Despite being mischievous, she is remarkably quiet and barks only when she wants to alert us. And when we take her for longer walks in the weekends, when passers-by lavish compliments on her and when UCLA students stop us and ask us if they could pet her, our pride reaches dizzying heights. Do not think we are lonely - we do have a teenaged boy and a pre-teen girl (translation: our hands are plenty full and minds perpetually frustrated) but the truth is it is Chumu’s good breeding that makes her such a great golden. For this we have only Sanae Suzuki to thank. We appreciate her sensible style of breeding these golden beauties – she breeds these puppies for her love for them and for no other reason. We were impressed with the effort Sanae has put in developing a dietary regime for her puppies. At a time when many of us are beginning to realize the importance of eating and living ‘right’, it makes perfect sense to do likewise with the pets in the family. Sanae’s recipes provide us with welcome guidelines for Chumu’s meals. We were lucky running into Sanae with her wholesome style when we were looking for adopting a puppy. She embraces all her ‘grandchildren’s’ owners into her ‘extended golden family’, encourages them to keep in touch and is always there with tips, advice and help when they are needed. Thanks a lot, Sanae, for our beautiful puppy.

Mukta and Giovanni Zocchi
Los Angeles, California



Joan Marks:

  First of all, I wanted to tell you that last night's class --Macrobiotic Dessert Cooking Class for Summer-- was absolutely FABULOUS! I am having dinner guests next week, and they're going to have great desserts! PLEASE let me know when your next cooking class is.

  I had a dinner party a few weeks ago with 4 other couples. I made tempeh crab cakes, sauteed pea sprouts, and brown rice and barley. One of the men
told his wife that he knows when he goes to Joan's house, that she feeds them "bird seed." After dinner, everyone complimented me on the great meal. And, the man who made the bird seed comment asked his wife to get the recipe for the tempeh crab cakes!

  Another time, I had some people over for dessert. I made Eric's cheesecake. Everyone said, "We thought that you didn't use dairy." When I told them that
there was no dairy in it, they couldn't believe it. They said that it was the best cheesecake that they had ever eaten!

  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Joan Marks
Valley Glen, CA



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