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Love, Sanae Front Cover

Reviews for "Love, Sanae"
My Healing Journey
Healing Vegan Macrobiotic Cookbook
by Sanae Suzuk
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Review on Veg News

Sanae Suzuki didn’t Simply pen a cookbook. instead, Love, Sanae is nearly 300 full-color pages of pure inspiration. With her macrobiotic lifestyle serving as the foundation for the journey (not to mention her background studying under michio kushi, one of the most respected authorities on macrobiotics), Suzuki empowers readers to heal themselves through the story of overcoming her own adversity. Narrating a tale of surviving ovarian cancer, as well as a near-fatal car accident, she illustrates how food can help the body and mind heal. and while those events seem grim, Suzuki has a special gift of transforming personal tragedy into a “you can do it!” mantra, sharing all the tools she’s sharpened along the way. after a heartfelt introduction into her life, Suzuki starts with the basics, jumpstarting at-home healers with balanced dishes, from the perfect pot of grain to Homemade amazake (a sweet beverage made using rice). Next she covers cooking through the seasons, providing complementary recipes, such as Creamy Carrot Soup in the spring and azuki kabocha Stew in the winter. the recipes might seem oversimplified, but it’s their whole-food ingredients and macrobiotic balance (paying attention to the “yin and yang” of each food) that makes them satisfying and, according to Suzuki, healing. the final section delves more into living a macrobiotic life, listing pages of techniques to adapt to your life, leaving readers motivated and in control. Whether you seek to heal physically or mentally, Sanae Suzuki’s self-reflecting tome will set you on the right path.

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