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Our Friends



  While consulting in Southern California in 2003, Lexie (my one year old Golden Retriever) and I met Sanae, Eric and Kin (very pregnant) on the Marina del Rey pier. Sanae and Eric invited Lexie and I to visit Kin's puppies shortly thereafter. We fell in love! On our next overnight visit before leaving for Oregon, a puppy left the litter and scratched on our bedroom door. I let him in and he slept with Lexie all night. "Sami" had chosen us to be his family and we are so very grateful!
  This spring Lexie and Sami will be parenting their first litter of Golden Retriever puppies. We are hoping at least one of them will be accepted as a service dog for autistim. This has been my dream since I first became a "puppy-raiser" in Sedona Arizona for "Peaches", a beautiful Golden Retriever who now serves an autistic boy in Maryland . Lexie was gifted to me bu the foundataion for my dedication and training of "Peaches".
  I have written ten books, self- published three and now have two publishers for my books, so I know the dedication it takes to produce and market such beautiful books as Eric and Sanae are creating. I am grateful to Eric and Sanae for their wonderful books, their loving golden retrievers and for all the loving support they have given me.
  I bought LOVE, ERIC as soon as it was released because I love desserts and was so grateful to have a cookbook that would help me create healthy desserts for me and my aging mother. I am looking forward to all the macrobiotic cookbooks to come as I continue to learn to live a healthier lifestyle so that I can create more books and products to "heal hearts through the power of love around the world."
  I urge you to create your own life of health, wealth and love with the help of Eric and Sanae's books and classes!

Sharon Kay
Midland, Michigan




  I am a fan of macrobiotics, and a fan of Eric and Sanae, who I have been friends with for a long time. I love to eat, and I feel blessed whenever I get to enjoy the benefits of Eric and Sanae's cooking. Before they found macrobiotics, and each other, they were already good with food. Eric was a versatile chef who could whip up meals with the precision of a clockmaker. I remember one night a long time ago being invited to Sanae's home for dinner. Usually I am not fond of watching people fix dinner (especially when I arrive hungry). With Sanae, it was transfixing, like watching art in motion. She was almost one with the foods she carefully, gracefully and deliberately washed, picked at, chopped, and cooked, all while enjoying a nice chat. As we sat to eat, I felt my body was being nourished by the calm energy that had gone into the food, not to mention the food tasted great. They are like opposites, Eric and Sanae, yet like macrobiotics, the forces of these opposites yield a magical balanced harmony. Theirs is a life worth sharing, and their message worth spreading: Life is good; don't waste it.

Judy Lee
Santa Monica, CA



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