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Our Family


KIN:(meaning“gold” in Japanese*)
Golden retriever, therapy dog. Have been cross country US and Canada and visited all over the U.S.. Savvier of fetal car accident in Arizona desert, and have birth total of 20 puppies in her life including puppies for autism children.

Dore border

DORE:(meaning “gold” in French*)
Golden retriever, therapy dog. Kin’s daughter who is smart, cheerful and cute. She makes us laugh. She had her first nine puppies in 2007. All pappies found new homes and one of the puppies “Kona” was adapted by a service dogs organization,
Paws’itive Teams. Please visit their website ( to find Kona under our pups.

Kula border

KULA:(meaning “gold” in Hawaiian*)
Golden retriever, therapy dog. Kin’s second daughter who has looks and loves to swim and run in mountain so much.

Oro border

ORO:(meaning “gold” in Spanish and Italian*)
Golden retriever, Kin’s third daughter, boned when Kin was nine years old. She is just flower of our life and personality is like Dore and looks Kula. Another therapy
dog to be.


*Because they are all Golden Retrievers so all their names mean gold/golden in different languages.

Key-chain border

A 17+ year old cat that became a member of the household when Sanae's father past away. "Butterball" was her nickname (sorry Key-chain!) when she had a weight problem, but soon discovered that her weight gain was caused by the stress of being bullied by another cat that lived with her at that time. When this cat passed away... her weight melted off her like... butter! Despite her age, she is extremely healthy and still meows like a kitty! She is very shy, introverted, sweet and likes to spend most days in the bed room.

Mai border

Found in alley just before Sanae’s cancer was diagnosis. She loves to ride a car and traveled all over the country including Japan, Canada, East Coast, Florida and other
over 10 different states. She was the first cat to participate in LA marathon of the bicycle section in 1997. Survivor of a fetal car accident in Arizona desert. She
loves to be with people.



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